mae & me.

my eyes are swollen shut today because i caught the tail end of "marley & me" on tv last night. that flick will get you every time, especially with raging pregnancy hormones, jeez. it makes you just wanna love on your dog! we love you mae. best dog ever.

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Stacie said...

omg erin! i ALSO caught the tail end of that movie...last week one night. jon left me crying on the couch and i couldn't pull myself away from the TV even though I knew what was going to happen. i sobbed and sobbed all by myself...then walked into bed and complained..."why would i let myself watch that movie!" and then i forced josie up into my arms and said "sorry dog...but you are cuddin' with mamma tonight whether you like it or not". why is that movie SOOOO good/bad?! glad to know there are other dog nutsos out there. love it!