poolside priss.

fav quotes this week:

"momma, it's okay if I wear crocs. princesses have to wear crocs sometimes too."

while our dog is sitting next to the dinner table quietly begging for liv to drop some grub... she looks right down at her and says with no facial expression, "mae, you're a fattie." FYI as a parent it takes a lot of will power to not laugh out loud at that one. just one more reminder I need to watch my mouth.

"momma, i so eggs-ited to be a big brother."

"girls dont wear shorts, only dresses."

"is daddy coming home from that fire station soon?"

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Courtney said...


PS: remember when I am a fattie and had stone deliver me McDonalds to work this afternoon and I ate the cheeseburger (no onions) and fries in literally 2 minutes????

Brandi, Kevin, Makenzie, Bella, Jessie, and Duncan said...

I love her honesty. Makenzie said last night..."Daddy is at the firehouse so he can make some money and buy me a prize!" Really?