you know you're a mom when...

  • you realize you've just spent over 3 hours of your afternoon playing "pee-pie" (our version of peek-a-boo)

  • you feel like a total rockstar when you have shaved legs & freshly washed blown-out hair

  • you have got "sucked" into reading the twilight series. are you kidding me?

  • much later in the day...you find a banana slice in the cuff of your jean from breakfast

  • after a big snow storm, you realize you have no ice scrapper in your car... and use a teething ring. perfect.

  • you have way too detailed conversations with your spouse about the consistency, color & amount of "poo."

  • your current favorite "accessory" are now... finger puppets. are these not adorable?

1 comment:

Marc and Carlye said...

Yes!!!! I knew you'd get hooked to the Cullens.