life lately.

1. molars are so overrated. liv has had a tough time cuttin these lil boogers. we've had a lot of this face.. but more importantly can anyone else notice that she's getting a bit more hair? and if youre wondering whats on her plate..that would be a destroyed cheese tortillia. which brings me to #2..

2. im in a major food rut. i feel like im running out of ideas of what to feed this growing tot. i went today & bought this cookbook. i think i love it. supposedly, you just have to take ONE HOUR at the beginning of the week and prep the food, freeze it, and then it gives you a week full of different recipes. i'll let you know how it goes since im not quite the chef.. if you have any fav & simple ideas, be a dear and please leave me a comment.

3. im really impressed i just uploaded that pic of that cookbook. also, the new 1969 skinny jeans from THE GAP are a must purchase for all you ladies. they fit amazing and are soo comfortable. no muffintop or crack. lovesit. go get some. tell them erin sent ya.

4. we joined the library today. it was adorable. liv LOVES books. its like super target times 10 in there. she freaks out. and she doesnt like to leave. i found this out when i tried and it ended in..."arch-back-limp-body-throw-yourself-on-the-ground-kick-your-feet-high-pitch-screaming-complete-meltdown-in-the-quiet-library." really? are we at this phase now? oh what fun.

5. i bought a sticker today. a big one. and its a chalkboard. im obsessed. and im sticking on my fridge. i cant wait to decorate it. pic to come.

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missdreampainter said...

ok seriously long lost sister of mine, i just love ya and all your funness, must playdate soon, let me know how the chalkboard goes, its on my to buy list, have fun cooking - you can do it:)