so i'm gonna be honest, people have told me my daughter resembles me...i've never really seen it. they make comments, such as "i can't believe she doesn't have really blonde hair"... & i think to myself "ha, hope they don't check out these roots." anyways, liv was at my mom's helping her decorate the "kid tree" aka the tree with all the ornaments my brother and i made from preschool on.. so sweet, mom. liv picks up an ornament that obviously one of our many dogs we've had in our lifetime had gotten a hold of... and proclaims, "wook! it's wiv!" (don't judge, she can't pronounce her "L's" yet.) no wittle miss wiv, that would be your momma, at about age 3..
what do you think? do you see why my dad calls her "little-erin"?

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Matt & Beth Anne said...

oh my... spitting image! That is amazing!