a week of firsts.

i remember after liv started walking feeling like all her "firsts" we're slowly dwindling. i was so wrong. not to get all mushy & deep, but seriously raising a child is the coolest. watching your lil baby turn into a lil person. this past week we had our first dance class (tap & ballet) & our first day of preschool. she rocked at both of them. although my daughter is not the youngest, she is definitely the smallest in her dance class. however, don't be fooled, she can shufflekick with the best of them. (haha, go ahead and call me into that TLC show.) & as far as preschool goes...how about learning (& nailing) the days of the week already. i'm one proud momma. can u tell? never say never. im one braggin blogger, ta ha! happy weekend folks!

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Courtney said...

so cute!

liv is on smart little lady!