a sprinkle.

do you have that one person in your life who you just randomly met one day, struck up a conversation, & have been great friends with ever since? well that one person in my life is my gal kristyn. she is such a dear & my creative go-to. she owns an adorable store called olivers twist. (follow her blog by clicking.) anyways, she offered to throw me not quite a baby shower, but just a lil sprinkle for babe barrett #2. ;) so thoughtful & i was honored. also so happy that it worked out my awesome texas family could be there. not a detail was missed. sweet tea (she knows me too well) & the most adorable "craft minute" you've ever seen. handmade onesies & burpcloths made with love by everyone there. it was laidback, fun, and simply perfect. thanks again k, i love your guts.

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