liv, lately.

i've been so random lately. so i thought i'd take a minute and "jot" down some of the things our darling daughter has said in the last month or so i don't want to forget. it's so awesome to watch your kid grow and see their lil personality & sense of humor form more every day. seriously kids.are.so.funny even when they don't mean to be. here's a few of my favs:

liv is REAL into princesses and playing pretend. daddy is no longer daddy. he walks in the door & she says, "welcome home prince." pretty cute. she's constantly switching it up what princess she is, but never fails i'm the little mermaid. i don't mind. i know every single word to all her songs. :)

liv: momma, i'll be cindawella. you be wittle mermaid."

me: ok. oh hi cinderella! what are you doing?

liv (in the highest pitch of voice you can ever imagine): i'm just cleaning...so, you gotta tail?

now that's funny.

yesterday dutch yelled for me from downstairs. i answered with a "yeeeaaahhh..." liv says: momma, don't say yea, say yes m'aam. ta ha. nothing like getting called out by your two year old. (still working on sir vs m'aam.)

we were at the post office and the worker lady had THE most bodacious acrylic bedazzled fingernails you have ever seen on a woman. the counter is pretty high and liv always has to see what's going on so i had her on my hip. the gal says hello to liv. liv replies. " your nails are beautiful."

so big news at the barretts! we were determined to make this cozy lil house of ours work for our growing family. it's not ideal but we can streamline & simplify. well....after more problems with our well and the most adorable perfect homes popping up on the market... we've decided that if we put our house on the market...the worst that can happen is that our house doesn't sell. no biggie. decision made! aaahhh! i've been a de-cluttering and organinzing fool this weekend! we are putting a ton of stuff in storage, including a lot of liv's toys, little table and chairs, etc... she was getting upset last night that all her stuff was going away. i sat down and explained to her that she would get it back, we just are maybe going to try and find another house so we have more room for her new brother or sister. she sat for a second. in deep thought. and then says, "can't that baby just go in the closet?" wow. i somehow didn't laugh in front of her but have been internal giggling all morning at that one.

anyways say a quick prayer all will work out with our house situation. planning to list next weekend! glad that energy of mine is back, right? this is a lot of work!

enjoy your week! and since a "post" isn't complete without a picture... this is from the park yesterday enjoying the awesome weather! hooray, yippee, yay!


Brandi, Kevin, Makenzie, Bella, Jessie, and Duncan said...

I wish I could have seen those nails! Hahaha!

JULIE said...

Pretty sure I have spent the past 3 hours reading your blog! I miss you like crazy!