it's official!

growing babe=growing fam=we need more space.

so we did it.

our house is on the market. officially.

sad, exciting, overwhelming, all at the same time. a few of my closets still need "tweaking" but i think we're ready. i mean my fridge is even organized. this whole situation is all in the good lords hands. keep us in your thoughts & prayers as we search for our next home. (and let's hope if a move is in the future it happens before this growing momma is huge.) i mean we for sure need time to perfect a nursery, right? honestly, i think putting your house on the market has to be on the "top ten stressful list." ha! it's tough trying to be clean all the time & not being able to hide stuff, jeez! happy easter weekend!

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Brandi, Kevin, Makenzie, Bella, Jessie, and Duncan said...

I think you should post that pic of the frige...I mean talk about OCD!!!! xxoo