weekend project!

it's saturday! it's sunny! and it's cold. just did a quick pajama pancake run this morning and my car read 29 degrees. boo. dutch is busy saving lives all weekend (on shift.) so it's just us girls. what's on our agenda since the park is out? tumbling class, pick-up party, side-by-side polish changes, costco, visit a sweet friend (who is also preggers & has been put on strict bedrest! ) keep my friend "b" in your prayers, she is 21 weeks prego with a 2 year old and a firefighter hubs also... she is strong & patient but i can only imagine how long the next 4 months are going to be. so we're gonna head over there, take some goodies, lay on the couch together, make a lil dinner for her, and i even offered to give her a blow-out. good hair is truly healing, yes? anyways, back to the to-do list. i really need to throw in a few aka 90 loads of laundry and then last but not least... final birthday preparations for a special someone's day next month! i just stumbled upon this tutorial here. i can do this! i'm for sure going to make an "L" or a "3" for the top of a giant cupcake. and then maybe, just maybe, if i dig down deep...i will attempt to make a personalized pennant for all guests! what an adorable favor would these be? l-o-v-e. wish me luck!

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Brandi, Kevin, Makenzie, Bella, Jessie, and Duncan said...

ok...I'm so ready for the "crafting" challenge. Bring it on my sweet, adorable, loving, friend!