sweet treat!

i got liv a cupcake after her first day of school on thursday. she hasn't stopped talking about "da cupcake wif da flower and ballareena on top." me and my darling neighbor connie had a yard sale yesterday. it rained all day but i still managed to make some moo-lah and do some major de-cluttering. felt good.. but dang those are a lot of work, huh? went to the most adorable baby shower today for this sweet gal. love her! and now i'm about to hit the hay while wishing my husband hadn't talked me into doing a fantasy football this year. i just get too worked up! my team name is blondetourage and i'm out to beat all those firefighters. also, tonite liv and i were coloring and sure enough she knows all the colors of the rainbow (including turqouise) like nobodys business. i am so stinking proud of her.. now if she'd just stay in that stinkin "big girl bed" because i'm "supernanny" ed out! there's a lil weekend wrap-up for you.have a happy happy week! full of sweet treats!

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Crystal and Jeremy Johnson said...

You left out SOOOOOO many details in the weekend wrapup? BAHAHAHA! P.S. Can I post the voice note BBM song? hahaha j/k all the way!