what fun we had on our long family weekend! so here's how it went down: months ago, mrs. crystal wright johnson asked me how close indy is to chicago and if we'd be up for meeting them there for a fun weekend.. we're just a quick 3 hours away, so of course we were in! we had an absolute blast! we finally were able to meet the darling miss savannah for the first time and o-m-g, i can't tell you how precious it was to see liv and savannah together. they were best buds from the minute they met. honestly even had to hold hands while they were in their individual strollers walking down the bustling "magnificent mile." melted our hearts and made it sooo sad to say our good-byes. thursday night we had the pleasure of having a fun-filled dinner with 2 more fellow bloggers, lauren and beth! they were simply adorable and it was awesome getting to meet them! shedd aquarium dolphin show, power shopping, fun, laughs, amazing stuffed pizza, and jump parties on the hotel beds made for a super grand weekend. (i was bad and didn't get many pics..but really didn't worry too much since i had the paparazzi by my side the entire time)...so stay tuned for pics on mrs. johnsons b-log. to be honest, i'm actually impressed i've updated before her! ha! have a happy week all! xoxoxo


matt & bethanne said...

LOVED getting to meet you and your adorable family!!! I told Matt he missed out b/c I think he & Dutch would get along! Maybe we'll make the trek down to Indy sometime!

LaceeDiann said...

ok I have to know... how do you do that poleroid? Do you do it in photoshop or is there an easier way? I just love how that looks!