bday bash details. finally.

remember about a month ago when i turned the big 30-licious? well here's a quick re-cap on how my amazing birthday week went: my husband told me "we're having a party here at the house but you don't need to do anything." really? have you met me? i know we're going to host a party and i can't even plan coordinating napkins? so i reeeeally tried to not be the control freak i can tend to be and "go with the flow" and would secretly pray at night that there wouldn't be bags of lays chips laying around and rolls of paper towels..

the thursday night before my birthday weekend i am woken up and COMPLETELY SURPRISED by my dear bestie crystal and jennifer, who had roadtripped 14 hours from texas. they came fully loaded with party details, decorations, prepped galore. just when i think the weekend can't get any better..crystal somehow gets me out of the house for a few to go get a fresh spray tan (not hard to do, ha!) i walk back in my house to my OTHER bestie of 17 years, elizabeth that lives in south carolina sitting down reading a book to liv. UNBELIEVABLE. this was the first time she had met liv! i have never been so surprised in all my life.

the weekend continued to blossom from there. champagne lunches. shopping trips. tapas and blueberry beers outside with perfect weather. my husband, family and friends completely takeover and create the most special birthday party right before my eyes. everything was just perfect. seriously my eyes are filling up with tears just writing this..i have never been so overwhelmed with love! my dear friend danny (and amazing hairstylist) shows up to my house saturday afternoon with loads of amazing bouquets of flowers, decorates, blows out my hair, i felt like a local celeb. words can't express how much i appreciated every little detail. especially the kareoke machine and dj that brought a trunk full of costumes. one of the best weekends ever. i am so incredibly blessed and so excited to see what this next decade of my life brings. here's a few pics!

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