still shakin things up..

two short years (& a week) ago dutch and i were blessed with the best gift ever. our hot mess of a daughter..wow. how time flies! seems like just yesterday i was laying on the third floor of a hospital while our just hours old little babe was down the hall in the NICU fighting to get fluid out of her lungs. as i laid in bed exhausted and trying not to completely freak out...i feel a shake.. not just any shake..like a real "holy crap, what is happening?" shake.. i knew i was tired and perhaps a bit delirious, but i wasn't imagining this. the state of indiana experienced a earthquake the night liv was born..really? within hours later, our babys lungs were fluid-free! here we are 2 years later and our healthy little girl still likes to shake things up. this past year we've gone from crawling to walking to running to jumping to skipping to bootie-dancing. from jibber jabber to repeating every word we say. from bottles to juice boxes. from fingers to forks. from a paranoid "blanket-free" crib to demanding to sleep with 4-5 blankets and 90 stuffed animals. from booties to boots. from baldness to pigtails. from baby to toddler.

im thrilled to see what the "not so terrible" twos brings us. im gonna do my best to make sure this year is known as the "terrific twos!" wish me luck folks. especially since our current favorite word is, "no. no. no." and we spilled about 32 ounces of chocolate milk on someones carpet in an adorable store tonite.. sorry kristyn.

this year we decided to keep liv's second birthday simple..which i've come to the conclusion..that is completely not possible for me. lets face it, i love to throw a party. we did have a great day though.. our wild one is now two and we celebrated at the zoo! (while wearing tutus).. do you love it?

of course ive created a collage o pics to sum up our celebration..


kristyn said...

can you please post a larger version of your family portrait? you just wait until liv is a teenager. i can't imagine the look on her face then. and no problem about the carpet. i thoroughly enjoy the smell of spoiled milk with a little bit of chocolate. the funny thing is that my mom thought it was a coffee drink that she had spilled, haha, like you're going to give your 2 yr. old a latte... you don't do that....do you?? it was the cup that threw her off...and can you please tell me why they put an insulated thing around it anyways?

Brandi, Kevin, Makenzie, Bella, Jessie, and Duncan said...

So...that next party goal, Mak's bday? :)