my how we've grown..

although i still am the mother of a ONE YEAR OLD (gotta say it while i still can..), we had our 2 year doctors appt. this afternoon. love that you can take pics on your phone now...helps you capture memories so much easier. snapped this on the exam table today..and then realized i have one from this time last year too. blows my mind!! more hair..skinned knees..and another clean bill of health. :) livs a petite gal weighing in at 23.5 lbs and 33 inches tall. 5 days and counting!


missdreampainter said...

loves it!!!!

Crystal and Jeremy Johnson said...

She is a little skinny minny! Savannah is 26 pounds and 18 months! Look at all that hair from year one to year two!

Kendra said...

So cute!!