look for less.

do you think i can somehow make this pillow for less than $89?
i think i can. why do i love it? is it because i feel like i say this 89 times a day?
check out her other cutie patootie pillows at www.alexandraferguson.com
this gal handmakes each of these out of recycled water bottles. insane huh?
oh and liv says "awesome" now... a lot. perhaps ill try and post a video of it because im pretty sure you'll think its as adorable as i do. :)


Leslie P Photography said...

Hey Erin!!!! So good to see you! Your little girl is just precious. You guys are so cute! Yep, seems like just yesterday, we were slinging yogurt! I still like to think I'm a pro ;-) I added your blog to my Friends list too. Take care!

missdreampainter said...

you know i have a crazy idea on how to make it.... we'll talk soon. it will only cost u $30 and a few hours but i think you can do it