everyone seems to be hunkering down for the ice blizzard of 2011. to prepare for the storm i washed, blowdried, and smoothed out my hair just in case we lose power. since it's too icy and cold to even build a snowman outside, i just stalk blogs and find random things/images that inspire and warm my soul. so here we go. a good post full of a whole lot of who knows what. (am i breaking the law that i have no idea where i got most of these pics and not giving credit.) i almost hope i do get in trouble...that means i'm getting kinda blog-famous, right?

goal hair.

i wonder if i'll get over my chalkboard paint obsession. i'm thinking not.

i got liv some of these "crayon rocks" from a website called magic cabin. such a good kids site! they come in a perfect little carrying pouch and i have them on me at all times. if for some reason the ipod touch isn't charged, they save the day.

this here desk is wearing a tutu. and i kinda love it.

love this inspiration board!

is this a great "big girl room" or what?

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