jeez. i'm slacking on the b-log so far in 2011! between lots of houseguests, working more, and the real housewives of beverly hills on demand, i just haven't gotten on the ole computer much... unless i'm ordering new hunter boots. i mean if there's gonna be snow and slush on the ground this much & i can't wear "real shoes"...i gotta give myself some love. ugh! c'mon spring! momma needs some sunshine!

anyways, dutch was able to sneak away for a "guys weekend" to see a hockey game in nashville, TN. i had the day off and i was excited to have a fun girls day with my best buddy. just liv and me. donut holes for breakfast, went & signed up for our first "tumbling" class, afternoon yogi bear movie in 3D, some good january sale rack shopping & then cozied up with hot chocolate at the bookstore to end the day. my favorite sidekick was out cold the minute we got in the car. i carried her in the house, took off her boots and coat and just let her go ahead and snuggle right in her bed. she rolled over and opened her little eyes and said, "thank you momma, i have fun." i could just eat her up.


missdreampainter said...

so awesome!!! what a perfect day;)

Courtney said...

she is too cute to boot!

PS: go sit in a tanning bed for awhile and soak up the fake sunlight?????