break it down now.

is it pathetic to say that yo gabba live was one of the highlights of my year? because it. was. awesome. i just transferred pics and videos from my phone to the computer and dutch and i have been cry-laughing at how into it i was..i had no idea. i've debated on whether or not to post this because i'm embarrassed on how loud i was singing. wow. i am that mom. so here's your warning: turn your speakers down because i am belting out "party in your tummy." i asked dutch if i did it the whole time. he said yes. what he won't admit is that he did too. liv was absolutely starstruck. her custom tee read: "my name is liv" on the front. and "i like to dance." on the back. during intermission, dutch came back with a $27 yo gabba live tee which she rocked out the next day at school with a coordinating bandaid. (see previous post.)

and now for the clip... at least i can laugh at myself, right?

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Miss Cindy said...

I've watched this about 6 times now and I laugh out loud EVERY time. Yeaaah. So yummy yummy! Now WHO did you say was starstruck??? Oh yeah, it was supposed to be Liv that was starstruck...right???? So glad you enjoyed the show Erin!!! Love you bunches, Mom