another first.

well it took just over 2 years and 5 months, but it was finally time for our gal to get her first haircut. her hair has been growing lately..but was all different lengths..and not in "a good layered cool look" kinda way..more in a "mini rat-tail pointy bang baby mullet only looks somewhat cute in pigtails" kinda way. dutch and my mom have said, "just let it be..let that baby's hair grow!" but after her bath the other night i decided to flat iron her hair (dont judge or call toddlers & tiaras on me. she sits really still and i'm really careful.) anyway, i had her walk in to show dutch and his response was, "get that kid a haircut, she has a total rat-tail." so to the salon we went! my dear friend, sweet maria did the honors, and liv sat perfectly still (i'm sure the cupcake bribe had nothing to do with it..) but are you ready for this? i seriously turned to waterworks! tears, real tears. what's that about? she just looks like such a for- real big girl now. is there any other momma's out there that this happened to? insanity enjoys company... anyway, she's so rocking out some pixie-ish bangs right now. pics to come. happy almost weekend!

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