the dutchman worked a "double" yesterday and today which means it was just me and my sidekick. i know all parents have those certain ages and stages they mark as their favorite...but this weekend was truly one of my favorites. yes my darling daughter is ONE STRONG WILLED gal but i wouldn't change her for the world. i officially feel like i can have a full blown conversation with my child. I LOVE IT. she understands what im telling her, and i understand her {90% of the time.} i love teaching her new things and i love how she teaches me to see every little amazing thing around us. it blows my mind how she notices so many things i tune out. a bird tweet, a airplane fly over, a baby cry.. she dances to every tune played, and i love how proud she gets when she accomplishes things. "momma! i did it!"

i had one of my proudest parent moments yesterday & i must share. i'm a stickler for manners. call it old school, but am determined that my child is polite and respectful especially to adults. i feel like im harping on liv constantly about manners..so here's how it went down.

yesterday afternoon we're at the gap. (side note, they are currently having additional 40% off sale and i snagged the softest pair of boyfriend jeans for $12. score!) so my accessory queen spots a couple bracelets she'd love to call her own. i let her try them on..don't ask me why because i KNOW once they're around that little wrist, someone's not going to want them to come off. the good news however is that they were marked down to $3 (plus 40% off! ha!) so.. momma spoiled her with new gold bracelets. fast forward to check-out...

liv to the gap check-out gal: "look! look!" while holding her arm out for the gap gal to dote on her new items. "look! look!"

gap check out gal: "ooohh..are you getting some new bracelets?"

liv: "look! look!"

me: "liv, when you just say "look!" it sounds kinda bossy and not very nice. how about you use your manners?"

pause 5 seconds. shes thinking hard.

liv (in the sweetest voice): "ma'am, peeasse look ma'am peease."

gap gal: "did she just call me "ma'am?"

when those sweet words came out of my daughters mouth, my eyes seriously filled with tears. honestly folks, i cant describe how proud. bracelets well deserved in my book.

today my goodie of a mom came over to have cake and champagne for her birthday. here's a pic of her yummy caramel ganache cake and yes those hydrangeas are real. love them! have a good week and remember..use your manners. xoxo.

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Ashley said...

HEY ERIN!!! Im so glad we hooked up in the BLOG world! First of all your family is presh!! & I love love love little Liv. I adore her name!! I really dont think i have seen you in 10 years! Looking forward to reading about some great life moments in the Dutch household!!
Love Ya, MEAN IT!