pic o the week

take a minute and guide your eyes over EACH shoulder of the "lady in red." this is from our nyc trip. dutch and i so made it on the today show! i guess i just think im real funny because i cant stop laughing at this picture. please note this picture was taken from the today show which was RECORDED, paused perfectly, my mom took a picture of the tv with her phone and then texted it to me which i emailed to myself which i now have posted on the b-log. tech savvy, thats me! holla! happy weekend and happy birthday to my amazing momma! we love you omie!


Heather said...

Seriously! This is hysterical! How fun!

Tara Morgan said...

I can't stop laughing!!! So hilarious... I freaking love it.

JudyandRoger said...

I was there in your Mom's family room...it was hilarious! Liv kept waving to momma & daddy!