ok so if i hear one more person, (including myself).. talk about "this economy".. im gonna scream. don't get me wrong. it sucks. and everyones feelin it one way or another. just sick of hearing about it. and while we're on that subject. i also have a hard time with budgets. and i dont like dave ramsey. and i do like starbucks. and paying someone else to paint my fingernails. anyways, enough about that... when i became a mom..i realized how incredibly fun it is shopping for babies..and doing it on a budget. yes, i just said fun and budget in the same sentence. it's like a game for me.. for what i would spend on one outfit, you can get like 90 items for your kiddo. since its really hard to "blog" without a pic. i am showing off one of my fun finds today. paul franks baby line, "small paul".. saw the EXACT pj's at nordstrom for $32. and i so snagged these up at tj maxx for $12 baby. the crazy thing is that $12 was still more than i would usually even spend on pj's. but they have flippin knee patches. i mean, we had to have them.happy easter weekend folks. xoxo, e.

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Brandi said...

OMG...I love your bloggin' stories! You can always make me laugh. Luv ya