365 days.

it's here! liv's first birthday. i without a doubt have learned more in the past year than in all my years combined. words can't describe what liv has brought to our lives... but i'll give it a shot. bliss. joy. blessing. exhaustion. laughter. tears. job changes. fun. mess. puffy eyes. mistakes. accomplishments. milestones. hormones. poo. teeth. flats. late nights. all nighters. good nights. bad nights. toys. books. giggles. extra skin. first foods. second foods. third foods. real food. sippy cups.bumps. bruises. amazement. learning. purpose. and if i had to sum it up one word. sunshine. she's our sunshine even on those long dreary indiana winter days. and why am i crying? today is the official birthday but tomorrow is the big WILD ONE bash. off to costco..& to pick some of my dearest & bestest texas friends up from the airport! yay! we are simply thrilled they will finally meet liv & share in the fun. happy birthday liv! we love you more than words.


Crystal and Jeremy Johnson said...

I guess our invite got lost in the mail? hahaha. I can't believe that she is ONE? OMG! Was this not the fastest year of your life? Makes me sad! Tell her Savannah said happy birthday!

Cindy said...

OH ME! How can 1 little girl change so many lives in so short a time? It has certainly been a year of firsts. First time parents, first time uncle, first time grandparents, first time great-grandparents. Liv hasn't just changed our relationship with her but with each other. I am so proud of the wonderful parents that Erin and Dutch are. Not only has Liv blessed you but she has been blessed by having such loving parents. You are such a sweet family. Liv has even changed my relationship with Ernie..after 30 plus years! I've described it as "falling in love all over again" with Ernie as I see him change from his "all business" demeanor to such a sweet, sensitive Poppy. How can someone so little turn a grown man into mush! It's great!
Well, this is your blog..not mine, so I'd best quit rambling. Happy Birthday Liv! You're the best! Love you with all my heart, Omie

missdreampainter said...

Happy Happy Birthday Liv!!! We are so excited to celebrate this special day with you.