i miss you.

"hello blogness my old friend." oh hi old friend. my dear b-log. the blog i used to love to spend so much time on. the blog that was my "me-time." the blog that was my online scrapbook. the blog that made me not feel guilty about not having a baby scrapbook. the blog i documented all the milestones in our exciting life. the blog i *used* to update. the blog whose program has changed since the last time i logged on so i barely could figure how to write this. the blog that would warm my soul a bit when people would say..."i love reading your blog!" well i miss you. truly. i'm not sure what happened. i could blame the transition to becoming a family of four. i could blame my iphone & the fact i rarely almost never get on a real computer anymore. i could blame a bit of post-partum funk. i could blame my new obsession with instagram. i could blame the fact i need a "pintervention." but whatever the reason...i'm back. i have a lot of catching up to do. but i've always known you were out just waiting for me. do i even still have any "followers" out there?

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