my weekend purchases..

included this garland i snagged off etsy. handmade out of vintage sheets..dont ask me what i'll do with it but im sure i'll rock it out in liv's "big girl room" somehow.

second..i was finally able to score my lil stinker some tiny toms. we kept it simple with the gray..but the pink sequins are quite the goodies too.. doesn't that toms commercial make you tear up everytime?

and last but not least.. i may or may not have treated myself to a sequined mini dress. really? mid-life crisis perhaps? i mean i DID have a bachelorette party to attend and i kinda don't get out much. whatever, momma needs some love sometime too, right? oops. sorry no pic of that purchase.

hope your weekend was a happy one!

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The Richardson's said...

AHH those are cute! So tiny! What size are those?!