let me help you with that list..

ok so i feel kinda annoying with this post..but i just have to share. have you heard of matilda jane? its oh so good. its like anthropologie for lil tots. the sizes range from infant to adult... well im hosting a party this wed evening and i would LOVE to place an order for you! check out their website and then leave me a comment if u want me to snag you some goodies.

here's just a sneak peek.

every little girl needs a pair these legwarmers. i mean really.

& im so treating myself to a pair of these leggings..yes they're adult size. so good, huh?

(so you have less than 48 hours) since most of you are probably not able to make it.and i KNOW i got some blog readers out there with some stylin lil gals..email me. erinvbarrett@hotmail.com
happy shopping!


Courtney said...

UM....is it too late to order something????


The Richardson's said...

Love the clothes and I sure wish I had a pair of ruffily leggins, but I'm seriously gonna need to see more pics of Liv. She's my fave little girl and she just doesn't make as many blog appearances as she used to!