saturday morning.

  • stay tuned for my attempt to get a video of livs newest trick. skipping. yes she skips. well perhaps its more of a gallop but it makes my day.

  • yesterday i get in my car..dig in my purse to get my phone..and what do i grab...oh only my cordless home phone. i wish i was kidding. i will try to blame this on my daughter but unfortunately it may indeed have been her momma that pulled that stunt.

  • we bought liv a potty. i dont really know when you start attempting the whole potty-training thing..but i walked in this morning to find about 6-9 crayons and a baby doll in her potty. maybe its too early?

  • i've never in my life gotten a flu shot. i've also never gotten the flu. i've also never been a parent before. well i got the just the regular flu shot yesterday and i feel like CRAP. i will however be sucking it up today because its gorgeous outside and i think sunshine will make me all better!

  • go to target and snag some of the CUTEST pj's ever by "nick and nora" for any little one in your life. thanks autumne for this tip! i mean hoot hoot. arent these cute?

  • dutch is out of town visiting his dad (we haven't seen him since our wedding..too long!) wishing him safe travels and a great time with his dad and brother joe. we miss you already! and GOD BLESS single parents.

  • is it weird that i think boys shoes are so cute on my lil girl? i got liv the best lil "army" boots. well military inspired and menswear is all the rage right now...for all ages, right? i hope she doesn't look back at pictures and say "seriously ma?"..actually i know she will do that, she'll give me a hard time, and then one day do the same exact thing with her little girl... cause thats what happens, right mom?

  • liv is saying new words everyday. yes she is also getting more attitude everyday.. but i absolutely am loving this stage. she's my bestest buddy and makes me laugh so much. words in the last couple weeks include: hat, boots, light, hot, leaf, and howudoin.

happy saturday!

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