someone in texas..please help.

which one of my dear texas ladies will turn my day around? one of favorite smells that honestly warms my soul is slowly drawing to an end. my "bird of paradise" circle E candle ONLY FOUND IN TEXAS is almost out! please help. i can't find a place that i can order them online & i am in major need of a replacement. of course i will mail you a check & love you forever. will someone help me? xoxo.


The Morgan Family said...

You're my bestest friend and I will send you your favorite candle and whatever else you want from Texas. It's so sad that you can't get it. Let me know what size and how many. Love you

The Montzter's said...

erin....the pecan shed has them. I can get you as many as you need and they will ship them for me. And they will be cheaper with the family discount. Let me know what "flavors' you want. And they do not have a "fun bunch" scent. Sorry.