we're back from way up north! liv did awesome on the 12 hour roadtrip up there... but back home was a different story. poor thing came down with a cold the morning we left and all major roads were closed in chicago due to flooding... it took us 17 hours to get home... bumper to bumper traffic and a screaming child... dutch and i now know without a doubt we will make it to our 50 year wedding anniversary since we survived that trip. the wedding was a great time...and after grandma kathy took liv home from the reception, i dropped my camera during a dancefloor photoshoot. so the camera is busted. but i have a few pics i snapped before the incident. liv was the belle of the ball. she did manage to have perfect timing as she pooped her pants exactly when the groom said, "i do." we're so glad liv was finally able to meet all her aunts, uncles and cousins in the great state of .... minnesoooooota.


julo said...

Liv and her Dad rocks!
This pic is a GREAT daughter/Dad shot!
I just hate there aren't more Minnesooooota pics!
Surely somebody out there in the northeast has some!!
Auntie Julo needs MORE....
Glad the wedding was fun...as they should be....
wish your buddies nothing but the best!Enjoy the adventure of marriage...every day counts!!
;) Auntie Julo

Melissa Johnston said...

That pic is so cute! She is by far the best dressed little babygirl I've ever seen. So so cute! It is amazing how many different situations you deal with when you have a child that test your relationship. But when you get through them it makes you that much stronger as a couple. I miss you guys! give Liv kisses for me.
Liv Tyler

Kendra said...

we find out friday...so i'm hoping this week goes by really quickly!