my birthday weekend...

well my 28th birthday was saturday and the best part about it is the fact i HONESTLY thought it was my 29th. i've thought i was 28 this whole last year when it's really only been a day! fabulous! it's like i got a "free" year... we didnt make any big weekend plans... one of my bestest friends, tara and her husband chris are flying in from texas next weekend and we are going to chicago..so im saving up our REALLY fun time for then.. anyway, i awoke sat morning to breakfast in bed and just spent q-time with dutch and liv all weekend. of course we had to throw some yardwork and chores in there...but for some odd reason i actually like doing yardwork.. what is wrong with me? i just love seeing the reward.. liv helped me plant new flowers in the pots and she "talked" with the birds for hours..the weather was beautiful. she has changed just in the last few days...it looks like she has rubberbands around her ankles, i love it.

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Meg and PK said...

I am so happy that I stumbled across your blog! Liv is so precious. I am certain that you are the most fun mom ever. I hope all is great with you!
Joy to you!
Megan (Oatman) Kemp